Residential waste disposal services

Our company covers a broad area and services thousands of residential homes in this region disposing of their waste regularly. The majority of our actions consists of the regular, weekly trash pickup and recycling process. Other than that, our service assortment includes dumpster rental services and junk removal services, as well as bulk material pickup.

 Weekly waste pickup and recycling service

Default service our company provides refers to routine weekly trash pickup and recycling process. We have pretty much determined schedule and routes across the town when the pickup is provided in a given areas of town. For these purposes, residents are offered various sizes of trash carts, according to the average amount of the junk they load per week and two different carts. Dark green carts are for non-recyclable trash only. Blue carts are labeled “Recyclables only” and should be used for disposing of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and other recyclable materials.

 Roll-off dumpster rental service


There are many scenarios, such as renovation or remodeling of the house or garage, construction projects, thorough cleaning, roofing and many others, when the amount of trash exceeds the capacity of the average trash carts. In these situations, our company provides the option of roll-off dumpster rental service. Residents choose the adequate size and type of the dumpster and the rental period usually last seven days. When choosing this option for waste removal, people load the dumpster on their own and our team members will come to pick it up. Depending on the amount of trash, we provide dumpsters of 10, 20, 30 and 40-yard capacity. The smaller ones suffice for various cleaning and renovating projects, and the larger containers are designed for a bigger scope of the project and the large items and specific materials.

 Junk removal service


If you need to get rid of the waste larger than the average trash card, but smaller than the smallest dumpster, the most cost-effective option is to ask our company for junk removal service. Also, if you can’t or don’t want to load the trash on you own, hand it to our trained technicians. Junk removal services include waste disposal within the same day, and all the work is done by our workforce. Also, if you have some hazardous material or a lot of non-recyclable material, the best is to get the bulk item disposal service. These are the most popular residential waste removal services we offer. Since we strive to provide personalized service, feel free to contact us for any specific service you require.