Reduce, reuse and recycle

From the mere founding of our company, environmental responsibility was one of our leading policies. We strongly promote smart and eco-friendly waste management as a form of investment into the environment we all live in and its future. Combining these ideas with the cost-efficient calculations enabled our company to come out with the mixed recycling method. This method is efficient; it provides sustainable solutions, and most of our clients find it affordable and convenient for routine use.

 The mixed recycling method

What bothers most residents is the mere procedure of sorting the waste out into multiple containers. This may take time, get complicated and messy. With busy schedules of the modern life, most of our clients don’t have time for complicated procedures. Therefore, our method requiring the minimal need for sorting materials comes rather handy. We provide special containers for recyclable materials, and all acceptable materials go into the same container. This so-called single-stream collection process allows our workforce to collect all your recyclable waste with one truck and sort it out later prior processing. All clients accepting recyclable program are provided with two main cards. One is for recyclable materials and other for non-recyclable.

 Benefits of all-in-one container

Making recycling process effortless for the clients increases the number of clients opting to recycle. It also makes the procedure or disposing waste easier for our technicians. You load your recyclable trash all at one place, we pick it up regularly and forward it to the recycling process. The materials are sorted out and processed by powerful equipment, efficiently and reliably. Our company invests continuously into advanced technologies for reducing waste, safer options for disposal and more convenient methods of recycling.

 Items to recycle


When sorting the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable trash card our company provides you with, fill the recyclable container with paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. This includes newspaper, junk mail, brochures, food boxes, milk cartons, water bottles, food cans, pots and tins and scrap metal.
Some of the waste items are not in our recycling assortments, such as clothing, glass, mirrors, batteries, ceramic, napkins and several more. For detailed instruction, feel free to contact us or read guides on our website.

 Handle with caution


Some waste material is specific or toxic or hazardous and mustn’t be mixed with the rest of the waste. These items require special handling when disposing of, sorting out and recycling. Some of the most common assets belonging to this group include needles and syringes, paint, electronics, yard waste and various toxic chemicals. For these cases, our company employs teams of experts and professionals to provide consultations to clients. They will help you identify the type of your risky waste material, give you the detailed and precise directions on how to handle it or send special team members to dispose of these items safely and efficiently.

Our company adjusts recycling schedules and strives to personalize the approach to each client to increase the awareness and the overall number of our clients accepting the recycling programs, Therefore, contact us and we’ll make a deal that will suit your needs and turn out to be cost-effective and environmental-friendly at the same time.